Yes indeed. It’s happening – we have walls! And that’s not all! We also have cabinets – the makings of a kitchen and laundry. Plus, we have new floorboards. Progress I tells ya! And in other exciting news: We’ve also set a date for the move. First week of February we’ll be on the farm […]

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So, it’s been a long time between posts. This whole off-grid farm renovation caper is a tricky business… Since we last posted here, there has been a lot happening, it’s just that not much of it gives us anything to show for it. It’s been a comedy of errors. Seriously. We thought we had a […]

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Slow Progress

You may have noticed a little lull in activity here on the blog. This can largely be put down to three reasons: Football season Planning permits Wet weather Our house was scheduled to move to it’s new location a little while ago now, but a few hiccups with planning, and a busy football coaching schedule […]

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We rescued a baby

While you were gorging on chocolate bunnies this past long weekend, Marcus and I were being quite heroic (well up to the point where I accidentally stabbed him with a fishing knife, but that’s a story for another day).

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We’re Moving A House

Yes, you’ve read that correctly and no, you’re not seeing things. We’re moving a house. After many weeks of back and forth, weighing up our options and not having all the information to make an informed decision, we bit the bullet and bought a house to be relocated.

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What happens when you drive to the country for the weekend and your trailer full of fencing gear is no where to be seen?

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Take Over

The day finally arrived! On Thursday we travelled to visit our new farm. We took with us a lime tree and a lemon tree that were beginning to look a little sick on the balcony of our inner-city apartment. They were to find their new home among the gum trees. We stopped in at the […]

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